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Racer CMS Limited

101 Legacy Centre

Hanworth Trading Estate

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TW13 6DH

Tel: 0208 893 8833

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Data & Mailing List Management

Need a clean mailing list? Leave the data management to us...

Confidentiality is paramount when managing our client’s data. Racer operates within the strict guidelines set out in all our postal licence agreements, and we adhere to the key requirements to keep private and confidential all client data supplied to us.

We will only use your data for the purpose of processing your mailings. All Racer employees are required to sign our data protection confidentiality agreement.

Data Management Services include

De duping of files

Printing direct to envelope

IT solutions

File analyses for country breakdown

Traffic profile reports for budgeting

Cost analyses prior to mailing

Return address printing on your envelopes

Company logo printed on envelopes

If we haven’t covered it here, feel free to ask us your question and we will provide you with a speedy response.

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020 8893 8833


Contact us today

0208 893 8833